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About us

    At Oosite IVF we believe that the patient's comfort and well being comes first.
To this end, we have the latest in IVF lab equipment as well as the best team of doctors and embryologists. All our support staff is trained to be courteous and polite to patients at all times. 
Our holistic approach to health problems ensures optimal diagnosis, better treatment options and lower treatment costs. 



At Oosite IVF, we believe that our mission is to serve all patients to the best of our ability. 

Our aim is to provide the best possible technical support to the consultants and surgeons who use our facility so that the patients benefit from an accurate and quick diagnosis and treatment. 

We do not believe in subjecting patients to unnecessary tests and discourage our consultants from prescribing them. Our consultants have an established protocol of steps to follow for each complaint from a patient. This reduces the need for expensive tests dramatically. 

We also ensure that there are no long queues either to meet our consultants or for our lab visits. This is achieved by a streamlined appointment process that reduces the waiting time. 

We value human life and dignity above monetary gains. To this end, our rates are very reasonable for the services we provide. Though a for-profit institution, we value our commitment to our patients more than our profits. 

We ensure that each patient is treated as an individual and look after all their medical needs properly. We take care to ensure that all patient complaints are looked into. We address all patient issues and are constantly improving our facilities to ensure better treatment of our patients.

We procure the latest in diagnostic equipment and train our technicians to use them properly.


Oosite IVF is registered with ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). Oosite IVF complies fully with the ICMR guidelines and strictly adheres to the standards and protocols specified.

Oosite IVF is also registered under the PCPNDT act, and strictly adheres to the guidelines stipulated therein.